Sharon roasts a lamb

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So it seems like the last few posts I’ve been complaining about something. First it was the diet and then it was the difficulty in keeping up with Sharon through her ever busy social schedule. Now she is determined to roast a whole lamb in our back yard and it’s going to cost a fortune. She wants to invite twenty people and the lamb bbq is going to cost, I reckon, about five hundred dollars. Three fifty or more to buy the lamb. One hundred to buy the rotisserie apparatus, forty at least for the wood to fill the humungous fire pit. Oh well, I love her, and she really wants to do it.


I mean she really wants to roast this damn lamb. Maybe I’ll insist that she gets to know the lamb first and she won’t go through with it. Fat chance. I’ll let you know who wins. And how good the lamb was.


So there’s a very fun event tomorrow, sponsored by Nat Frothingham and his friends at the Bridge. A Beatles-themed benefit for The Bridge, your local community newspaper. Participate in a costume contest — dress up as your favorite Beatle or get creative and don a Beatles song-inspired costume. Chances to win fabulous prizes, food, music and a fun time! 5 p.m. Charlie-O’s, 70 Main St., Montpelier.


An incredible authentic print by Beatles Photographer Curt Gunther (signed) could be yours! Be sure to purchase your raffle tickets for a chance to win this print at Bridge Mania! (We are doing some of the food, so that will be good too)


A tremendous selection of fish coming in tomorrow! Remember that on Tuesdays and Fridays, our two biggest fish days of the week, all the fish in the case came in that day. Everything in the case is that fresh. I doubt the supermarkets can make that claim, in fact I know they can’t. Almost all the fish we sell is wild-caught, and fresh. The only fish we sell that has been frozen at sea is the Alaskan cod, and the wild Gulf shrimp.


The fish tomorrow includes Alaskan King Salmon, Halibut, Yellowfin tuna and Monkfish. I’ve included a link below for an excellent recipe for monkfish, often referred to as “poor man’s lobster, because of its sweet taste and firm texture. Roasted Monk fish


Fish arriving tomorrow:


  • Alaskan Cod, flash frozen at sea
  • Alaskan King Salmon
  • Dayboat yellow tail sole
  • Sustainable Shetland Salmon
  • Dayboat Haddock
  • Swordfish
  • Halibut
  • Icelandic Arctic Char
  • Little Neck Clams
  • 16/20 wild gulf Shrimp
  • 10/20 Dry Scallops
  • Pemaquid Oysters, ME


See you at the Store!

The Uncommon Market

A store worth walking to.”





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