Holiday Special Order guide with Pricing

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Special Order items for the Holidays
Pricing is subject to change

Order early to guarantee the holiday meal of your choice.


Standing Rib Roast, the favorite roast last year at the store, USDA choice grade rib-eye, left on the ribs which makes it more flavorful and is self basting. $12.99 a pound Pre-order by Tuesday, December 20th, earlier if possible.

Boneless Rib eye roast, the same USDA choice beef, easier to carve. $14.29 a pound. Pre-order by Tuesday, December 20th, earlier if possible.

Tenderloin tied roast, USDA choice tenderloin, carefully trimmed and then tied to create an even roasting, melt-in-your mouth beef roast. $21.99 a pound. Pre-order by Monday, December 19th, earlier if possible.


Uncommon Market Stuffed Pork Roast, uncooked but ready to roast. We prepare a pork loin stuffed with a choice of three stuffings:

  • blue cheese, spinach and dried cranberries or

  • feta, walnuts and spinach or

  • apricots, pine nuts and gruyere.

Note – roasts can be ordered from 3 to 10 lbs. Pre-order by Tuesday, December 20th, earlier if possible. $11.99 a pound


Pre-order by Friday, December 16.

North Country ½ Bone-in Ham, maple cured, 8 pound average, $8.39 a pound

North Country Whole Bone -in Ham maple glazed, 16 to 20 pound average,$7.99 a pound

North Country Bistro, This is a small delicious boneless ham, perfect for a small gathering, 4 pound average, $12.29 a pound

North Country ½ Spiral Ham, (will arrive fully cooked, can be served either hot or cold and is always bone in), 9 pound average, $10.29 a pound.

North Country Whole Spiral ham, 16 to 18 pound average, $9.99 a pound


Pre- Order by December 20th, earlier if possible

Vermont Leg of Lamb Boneless, trimmed tied and ready for the oven, frozen 5lb average, $19.49 a pound

Domestic Leg of lamb Boneless, Trimmed tied and ready for the oven, 9 pound average, $12.09 a pound

Domestic Leg of Lamb Bone in, 9 pound average, $9.29


We are still sourcing turkeys and we will have information available as soon as we can!

Capon, Free Range, (neutered rooster, who, having lost most of his aggression, fattens up quite nicely and has a higher fat content than your average roasting hen) . 7 to 9 pounds avg. Frozen $6.99 per pound. Order by 12/21

Pekin or Long Island Duck – 4 lb average, milder in flavor, $9.99 a pound.Order by 12/14

Moulard Duck – 7 to 8 lbs, richer flavor, less fat, $6.79 a pound. Order by 12/14

Pheasant – 2 pound average, Frz, $14.29 a pound. Order by 12/21

Cornish Game hens – 16 to 20 oz, $11.19 a pound Order by 12/21

Quail, ½ to ¾ of a pound a piece, also from Cavendish Game Birds in VT. Packaged with 6/5 ounce quails and priced at $7.69 per quail. Order by 12/21.


Last Order Date for Seafood Thursday 12/22

Please order early if you can!

Sides of Shetland Salmon, really nice presentation when you cook the whole side. Avg weight, 3 to 5 pounds. $16.99 a pound

Alaskan King Crab Legs, a Christmas delicacy.

14 – 17 (legs per 10#) – $36.59 per pound

16- 20 (legs per 10#), $32.59 per pound

Fresh Maine Crab meat, 8oz container, all leg $17.19.

10/20 Dry Scallops, These are truly special occasion scallops. Current Market price $25.99 a pound, 1 pound minimum order. Price subject to change

Lobster, Live, all sizes, market price (our best guess-timate $11.99 for 1.24 pound to $12/$13 for 2 pounders)

Lobster Tails, A perfectly delicious treat, 4 to 5 oz lobster tail, frozen, current market price $26.99 a pound. Latest order date is 12/22, please order earlier if possible.

Frozen lobster meat.

2 pound bag, claw and knuckle meat $96.69 per bag.

11.3 oz bag, claw and knuckle meat, We are checking on availability

Peeled and de-veined shrimp

16/20 (16 to 20 a pound), good for scampi or cooking or shrimp cocktail. $28.50 per bag and come in a 2 pound bag.

8/12 Shrimp, 8 to 12 per pound, for the grand daddy of shrimp cocktail or for stuffing. $46.59 per bag and come in a 2 pound bag.


Below is a list of oysters we expect to have available through the Holidays. Some varieties have a minimum order of 25. Pricing will be available at the market. Order early for the widest selection.

  • Pemaquid – ME

  • Tisbury – MA

  • Wellfleet – MA

  • Malpeque – Prince Edward Island

  • Blue Point – Long Island Sound

  • Old Cove – MA

  • Beau soleil – New Brunswick

Shucked Oysters, Pint $23.00 (half pints available)

First courses and snacks:

Cooked Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp

Smoked Gouda Dip

Hot artichoke Dip

Smoked Mussels

Smoked Trout,

Smoked Salmon

Uncommon Market Lox, if you want a bunch of this please do order ahead

Brie en Croute

From venison to caviar if you can think of it we can price it!

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