Fresh Fish and Seafood

Our Fresh Fish & Seafood

We are the only location in Montpelier that carries a full selection of fresh fish and seafood. We get two primary deliveries a week, Tuesdays and Fridays and supplement with smaller deliveries up to six days a week.

We vary what we order each week but will gladly special-order for you anytime. No order too small or large: we’ve ordered as much as a whole 18 pound striped bass and as little as two soft shell crabs. We can get you the best possible pricing with a little extra notice but we can usually get you what you what need within 1 to 2 days.

We make a serious commitment to providing the freshest fish possible. Our fish and seafood arrives on one day and is available for two days after that (kept on ice at the perfect temperature). Any longer and its into the freezer or the cook pot for our Uncommonly good fish chowder, our gumbo or another of our daily prepared food specials.

Since we opened in October of 2008 we have carried:

Haddock Brook Trout Grouper
Tilapia Prince Edward Island Mussels Halibut
Monkfish Striped Bass Pacific Wild Salmon
Swordfish 10/20 Dry Scallops Lobsters
Tuna Tiger Shrimp Catfish
Mahi Mahi

Black Pearl Farm Raised Salmon (no ordinary farm raised salmon)
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Barramundi (another stunningly farm raised fish)
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Oysters (blue point, malpeque and several others)
Little necks, steamers and cherry stones