French Champagne and Alaskan Salmon!

Hi Folks-

First, Holiday Pricing will be out tomorrow, so expect an additional email from us this week! All of our vendors are working away on getting the pricing done and we should be in great shape for sending out tomorrow.

I do have a couple of special things for the holidays (and beyond) that I wanted to share with you. First, Laurent- Perrier French Champagne, amazing. I tried it today and it was just delicious in the way that I think only the French can make Champagne. 50% chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Muenier. A beautiful straw color with fine consistent bubbles, the aroma was delicate and well balanced with hints of citrus and white fruit. Subtly round taste with developing fruit and a pleasingly long finish. Now generally the only problem with French Champagne is that it’s terribly expensive. This is not. The full size bottle goes for $54.19, the split at $24.99 and the little stocking stuffer size is $14.99. So being from the school of thought that I much prefer to taste something before I spend a bunch on it, I brought some small bottles that you can purchase and decide if you want to celebrate with a bottle of Laurent-Perrier! Let me know.

Next super fun thing and honestly I started talking to this gentleman earlier in the year but he is back from his fishing in Alaska and we connected again and I do love his fish. Wild Red King Salmon fillets, Ivory King Salmon Fillets and Smoked Coho Strips. All the product is frozen and while not inexpensive, the quality is outstanding.

Captain Lynn W. Steyaart fishes in Alaska aboard his commercial salmon troller, Honeywilya, for 6 months every year to bring his sustainably harvested Wild Alaska Salmon back to Vermont where he overwinters with his wife, Maria.

All Honeywilya Fish’s salmon are caught by hook-and-line and gently handled by Lynn and his deckhand in this small-scale craft fishery ensuring the highest quality product.

I hadn’t heard of Ivory King Salmon but according to Lynn if you ask an Alaskan native what kind of salmon they prefer this would be it. The flavor was amazing, rich and slightly more delicate. The smoked coho strips seem like fun and I’m thawing mine to add to fettucini alfredo tomorrow. I can see using them in a salmon spread, with pasta or on a snazzy appetizer plate. This will primarily be by special order but we will stock small amounts. Give it a try!

The fish tomorrow:

  • Dayboat Haddock

  • Icelandic Arctic Char

  • Swordfish

  • Alaskan Cod. Frozen at sea

  • Yellowfin Tuna

  • Shetland Salmon

  • Yellow tail sole, dayboat

  • 10/20 Dry Scallops

  • 16/20 Shrimp

Day of the Week

Lunch Special

Soup Special

Dinner Special


Hot spice rubbed Salmon sandwich on a soft roll.

Clam Chowder

Italian meatloaf


meatball sub

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

Shrimp Scampi


Grilled Ahi tuna steak sandwich

Lobster Bisque

Salmon Cakes with Caper mayo


Bahn Mi, Vietnamese chicken sandwich

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Shrimp Quesadilla


Pulled pork sandwich, come early, it sells out!

Fish Chowder

Chef’s choice!

See you at the Store!

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