Fish tacos, so easy, so summer

Hi Folks-

So a weekly meal rotation has never really interested me even when I was working and cooking for a much larger family. Once a week is just too often. Peter complains that some things he loves go zooming by and he never see them again (which is occasionally true). I like to work more with a monthly theme or if I’m trying to perfect something we might see it once a week until I’ve got it down (we had pastrami for three straight weeks:-).

Anyway you should make fish tacos, once a week if you are that kind of person. So simple, so easy. Fish taco seasoning in the deli, a pound of cod, tortillas, a ripe avocado, lime juice, cilantro and sprinkling of chopped romaine and you are there. They literally take fifteen minutes from start to finish and they are delicious! Chop the fish into chunks and throw it in a plastic bag with half the seasoning packet, a tablespoon of oil and a splash of water. Marinate five minutes, while that’s going on, thinly chop your romaine, slice your avocados, cut your limes, chop the cilantro. In a non stick pan saute the fish (takes about four minutes) and heat up, ideally, a cast iron pan and start warming up your tortillas. Flip the tortilla once, pull from the pan when puffy, skim with a bit of mayo, add the fish, avocado, lime juice squirt, cilantro and lettuce. Done and Done!

Peter has fresh shrimp coming in tomorrow, still wild caught, go Peter! Also trout and a bunch of other fresh fish as always.

Fish tomorrow:

  • Haddock
  • Trout
  • Icelandic Arctic Char
  • Swordfish
  • Alaskan Cod. Frozen at sea
  • Shetland Salmon
  • Flounder
  • 10/20 Dry Scallops
  • 16/20 Wild Gulf Shrimp
Day of the Week Lunch Special Soup Special Dinner Special
Monday Hot spice rubbed Salmon sandwich on a soft roll. Clam Chowder Italian meatloaf
Tuesday meatball sub Broccoli Cheddar Ale Shrimp Scampi
Wednesday Grilled Ahi tuna steak sandwich Lobster Bisque Salmon Cakes with Caper mayo
Thursday Bahn Mi, Vietnamese chicken sandwich Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Shrimp Quesadilla
Friday Pulled pork sandwich, come early, it sells out! Fish Chowder Chef’s choice!

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