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Hmm serious January going on, feels right though, I always think its weird when its 30 degrees in January.

We are shuffling things around in the store, trying to restock things that sell and discard those that don’t, so please forgive our occasional bald spots 🙂 as we perk things up!

Made a leg of lamb last weekend. It was ginourmous, so I untied it, cut about three pounds out of it and then proceeded to cook it. We are still having leftovers, but who doesn’t love a hot lamb sandwich? I saved the rest of the lamb to cook fresh. I have never made naan and I have always wanted to; well seasoned shredded lamb, with some fresh micro greens or watercress and tzatziki on fresh warm naan. That’s the kind of thing that makes me look forward to cooking!

In my usual perusal of recipes this weekend (does anybody else do this, I must look hundreds a week) I found a cooking tip that was new to me and might just change my relationship with tofu! I have a luke warm relationship with tofu at best. I have always laughed at, but sympathized with, my dad’s favorite way to have tofu … stir fried with sausage. I get his point, tofu is so bland and I have found it challenging to make it tasty. The best I’ve done is to include it in things where the texture is a nice little addition. So check this out, the best way take the moisture out of tofu is to freeze it and then defrost, apparently the water just runs out of it and you are left with something you can actually get crispy and that will also absorb a bunch of flavor. Versus my valiant but inefficient method of wrapping it in towels and weighing it down with cast iron and waiting. I care less about the crispy (although crispy ginger garlic tofu is one of my few favs) but the thought that it might actually absorb flavor instead of repelling it is pretty dang exciting. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Here’s a little recipe for the smelt, which I happen to really like, heads off, gutted and the bones are good for you!

Fried Smelt, Recipe By:Aredendra

“My Newfie grandmother’s smelt recipe. They’re like little fishy french fries!”


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour (I bet cornstarch would make it a little more like your Asian grandmothers tempura but would also be delicious and GF)

  • 2 tablespoons salt

  • 3/4 pound cleaned smelt

  • 1 cup vegetable oil for frying, or as needed


  1. Whisk together flour and salt in a pie plate. Dredge smelt in flour mixture, coating both the outside and cavity of the fish.

  2. Heat oil in a frying pan 1/4-inch deep over medium heat until hot. Place fish in the hot oil; fry until crisp and firm, 2 to 3 minutes each side. Remove fish with a slotted spoon; drain on a paper

Fish tomorrow:

  • Haddock

  • Swordfish

  • Alaskan Cod. Frozen at sea

  • Scottish Salmon

  • Ocean perch

  • Canadian Smelt

  • 16/20 Wild Gulf Shrimp

  • PEI Mussels

Day of the Week

Lunch Special

Soup Special

Dinner Special


Hot spice rubbed Salmon sandwich on a soft roll.

Clam Chowder

Italian meatloaf


meatball sub

Broccoli Cheddar Ale

Shrimp Scampi


Grilled Ahi tuna steak sandwich

Lobster Bisque

Salmon Cakes with Caper mayo


Bahn Mi, Vietnamese chicken sandwich

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Shrimp Quesadilla


Pulled pork sandwich, come early, it sells out!

Fish Chowder

Chef’s choice!

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