beef barley soup

Hi Folks-

Sharon and I aren’t used to being apart for five days. We spend almost all our time together. Who’s going to encourage me all the time? Who’s going to tell me I look really sexy in my new glasses? I’m at a loss, and don’t know just what to do. I think I’ll find some friends to play golf. Even though I hate golf, the friends part is good. I’ll also call on Katy and Alec to see if they want to spend time with the old man. I don’t seem to have any trouble that I’m itching to get into, so scratch getting into a situation at Charlie O’s. Maybe I’ll cook beef barley soup. So good. Anyway, I have to get my cell phone fixed so I can confer with Sharon while she’s in the middle of her war.

Good price on halibut tomorrow – high prices on King salmon were prohibitive. Don’t know why. Native corn at a good price. Still Pennsylvania peaches. And blueberries from Elmore Roots.

Fish arriving tomorrow:

  • Alaskan Cod, flash frozen at sea
  • 2+ Yellowfin tuna
  • East Coast Halibut
  • Dayboat yellow tail sole
  • Sustainable Shetland Salmon
  • Dayboat Haddock
  • Swordfish
  • Icelandic Arctic Char
  • 16/20 Wild Gulf Shrimp
  • 10/20 Dry Scallops
  • Pemaquid oysters

See you at the Store!

The Uncommon Market

The store worth walking to.”


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